I'm using this post to keep track of different kinds of coffee

February 10, 2021
Ever since I started drinking coffee, I decided it would be amusing if I never bought the same one twice. Results to follow...
NameRemarksFrench press timeCost/100g
Ikea PÅTÅR Ground coffee, dark roastPersonal favourite large-brand so far. Strongest flavour of all the coffees I've tried to date. Has a burnt flavour, but not in a bad way. UTZ Certified.4 minutes$1.60
Starbucks Pike Place Medium RoastSmells amazing, strong taste, not bitter even when overbrewed5 minutes$2.02
Tiramisu Bistro House BlendAs I tasted this coffee, I thought to myself, "this tastes just like tiramisu in a coffee cup". Then I looked at the label on the package of beans and discovered just how right I was.$3.40
Nabob Bold Full City Dark Ground CoffeeAn excellent dark coffee.No longer than 4 minutes, otherwise it turns bitter.$2.66
Ethical Bean LushExpensive, but worth it if the workers who produce it are paid fairly as they claim. Available cheaper in large quantities at Costco.$4.11
Salt Spring French RoastThe most expensive coffee I tried so far. Good, but not proportionately better than the cheaper coffees. Be careful not to overbrew when hot brewing. Excellent cold brewed.3.5 minutes$3.42
LavAzza Qualita RossaUnusual but delightful strong aroma and flavour without being bitter. Very fine grind as you would expect from an espresso, but was a hundred percent satisfactory brewed in a French Press.3:30 because it takes time to decant due to the fine grind. However, it's not overpoweringly bitter if overbrewed.$1.99
President's Choice Colombian Supremo Medium RoastDoesn't smell as strong as coffee should, but is quite flavourful and not very bitter.4 minutes$1.76
PC Organics Medium Dark Roast Whole BeanI'd call this light rather than medium. The flavour is good but not super strong.4 minutes$2.64
President's Choice The Great Canadian Light to Medium RoastAs far as light roasts go, it's good, but it is quite light.$0.91
February 16, 2021
hi dad this is the first time I've read some of your blog I like the coffee thing see you tomorrow.