How to transfer Bitcoin Cash and Gold out of MultiBit

December 18, 2017
MultiBit is an older Bitcoin wallet that is now unmaintained. Its developers recommend users move to another wallet. Transferring your Bitcoin out is easy. But how do you transfer out your Bitcoin Cash? Use the following procedures AT YOUR OWN RISK. This worked for us, but we make no guarantee it will work for you. We tested with MultiBit 0.5.18 and Electron Cash 3.0 for Windows, and Coinomi 3.9 for Android. 1) If you are particularly cautious, transfer your Bitcoin out of your MultiBit to some other wallet first. That way, if your MultiBit wallet is compromised, your Bitcoin is safe. 2) From within MultiBit, navigate to Export Private Keys. Enter your wallet password, choose a location for your export file, and choose "Do not password protect export file". Click the "Export private keys" button. 3) Download and run Electron Cash from Create a wallet. When creating the wallet, choose the option "Import Bitcoin addresses or private keys". 4) Open the private key file you exported in Step 2. Copy the private key without the timestamp and paste it into Electron Cash. You can now import your private key and spend or transfer your Bitcoin Cash. 5) Install Coinomi Wallet and create a wallet by following its directions. Use the Sweep Wallet function with the private key from Step 2 above. ("Sweep" is a transfer that the receiver initiates using a private key.) This took several hours, but it did work. Once the transfer completes, you can spend your Bitcoin Gold. It should be possible to transfer Bitcoin Cash to your Coinomi wallet. Steps 1-4 were written before we needed to work with Bitcoin Gold. You can use any reputable and highly-rated compatible wallet.
December 26, 2017
Thank you sooo much! I am still using that oldie Multibit Classic Wallet and Coinomi simply deson't allow me to direct import my private key to it, due to the different private key formats. I have tried for so long and this really helped me! What I am missing I think is step 3 and 4 in your guide. Thanks!