Step and Repeat Photography notes

We're putting these notes here so we can refer to them next time we have to do a step-and-repeat setup.

  • F4 is an absolute maximum when working with large families, because you may need two rows of people to be in focus.
  • Kids don't stand still, so a 1/100 shutter speed or faster is useful.
  • Overexpose photos by 1/3 stop, then shoot in raw mode so you can adjust exposure slightly later if you need to.
  • Another reason to shoot in raw mode is Photoshop's raw conversion is better than some cameras.
  • If placing watermarks with a Photoshop action, try placing raster images rather than vector; perhaps it would size properly with both horizontal and vertical images.  Haven't tested this yet.
  • Bring along a bell or some toy or something to attract babies' attention.
  • Shoot in aperture priority mode unless you have 100% control over your light.


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