T8 LED and Fluorescent Cost Comparison

Trying to decide whether to retrofit your T12 fixtures with fluorescent or LED?  Perhaps this cost comparison will help.

T8 Ballast (Westburne)$14.46
2 Philips T8 fluorescent tubes (Westburne)$6.00
Initial cost$20.46
1 set of replacement tubes$6.00
54W for 50,000 hours at $0.11/kWh$297.00
Usage cost$303.00
T8 Ballast (Westburne)$14.46
2 Philips T8 LED tubes (Westburne)$21.98
Initial cost$36.44
36W for 50,000 hours at $0.11/kWh$198.00
Usage cost$198.00
Upfront savings of using inexpensive fluorescent tubes$15.98
Long-term (50,000 hours) savings of using LED tubes$89.02

Using these numbers we can calculate the breakeven point to be approximately 5050 hours - significantly below the 50,000 hour rated lifepsan of the bulbs and ballasts.  In other words, after slightly over 10% of the components' rated lifespan, you will save money.

This does not consider the cost of labour to replace the fluorescent tubes one time.

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