Cree makes light bulb that doesn't suck as much, green tech blogger nonplussed

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If nothing else convinces you that Mango is open-minded, this will.  It's an actual positive review for a Cree light bulb.  Well, it's not exactly a positive review, but it's not a vehemently negative review either.  Still astonishing.  We'll wait while you pick yourself up off the floor.  Then, we'll continue.

The first thing you'll notice is that Cree's new 4Flow bulb sports an interesting heat dissipation design: ventilation holes in the top and bottom of the bulb.  But, forget that.  The light produced by this bulb looks actually good.  For once, a Cree bulb won't be relegated to our outdoor fixtures where we don't have to see it much, or simply not used at all.

Light quality: Very good.  We could not tell the difference between this and an incandescent bulb.

Light quality when dimmed: Very good.  The bulb dimmed smoothly with both our Leviton 6615 (trailing edge) and MACL-153M (leading edge) dimmers.

Buzz/hum: None detectable.

Buzz/hum when dimmed: Very low.  It is unlikely the bulb would be heard in a quiet room.

RF interference: Like Cree's other bulbs, this bulb produced a mild amount of electromagnetic interference.  However, when we moved our radio several feet away, the radio worked properly.

Notes: The bulb's packaging does not prohibit its use in fully enclosed fixtures.

Price: $10.97 at Home Depot Canada.  This bulb's relatively high purchase price makes it the most expensive bulb over 10,000 hours that we have tested.


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