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We almost never shop at Best Buy, until they have a deal that's too good to pass up.  Then we remember why we almost never shop at Best Buy, and the cycle starts over.  Most recently on Black Friday, they had a TV for 40% off that fit the exact specifications of a TV we needed for a project, so we bought it.  After many tries over half a day, we were able to check out.  Astonishingly, the TV was shipped as scheduled and arrived without incident.

Then we tried to obtain a receipt for the order, as required for our audit purposes.

Please send me a receipt or invoice for order #[redacted]. I tried to use Order Status on but it did not work. Thank you.

We have received your email inquiry regarding the printing of your invoice for order # [redacted].

Please complete the 5 steps below to print a copy of your invoice;
1. Visit
2. Click on Order Status at the top right side of the page.
3. Retrieve your online order by logging into your account or pulling up your order placed through the guest profile.
4. Click on View Order Receipt (PDF) located in the gray area below the shipping address.
5. The Invoice will appear in a separate window and you’re now able to print your copy. If you’re not able to print a copy of the invoice you can take the Global Contract ID number from the Invoice, located under the order number, into any Best Buy location and they will be able to provide you with a copy of your receipt.

Thank you for choosing

Clearly you did not read my message before responding.  I already stated that I tried that but it did not work.

Can you please email me the PDF?

We have received your request to cancel order # [redacted].

Kindly contact us at or by calling 1-866-237-8289, so that we can assist you at our best.
Thank you for choosing!

Note: this was an email sent FROM, as a reply to an email sent TO, asking me to send an email to to cancel an order THAT HAD ALREADY BEEN DELIVERED.  I decided not to point out the irony because I didn't want my reply to say anything more than the essentials:

I don't want to cancel.  I want you to email me a pdf of the receipt.

Attached is your invoice you had requested for your order # 397081282.

If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Best Buy!

The invoice was indeed attached.  But then, THEY KEPT REPLYING after the issue was already resolved.

Thank you for contacting regarding the printing of your invoice.

We are sorry to hear that you were not able to print your invoice through, order status. Please give us a call at Customer Service Hotline 1-866-237-8289. Our representative will be happy to assist you further.

Thank you for choosing

Sometimes we wonder why it doesn't occur to big companies to hire intelligent customer service staff and train them properly.  True, high quality staff appears to cost more per person, but we firmly believe one intelligent person can assist a customer more quickly and efficiency, canceling out the higher per-hour cost.

If you would like a reply to your comment, you must leave your email address! We receive dozens of questions every month from people who don't leave us with any way to contact them, so we have no choice but to ignore the question. We try to reply to as many questions as we can, if we know the email address of the person who asked the question. Thanks in advance for writing in :)

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