Philips 9.5W Warm Glow LED Review - if you want a dimmable LED with no buzz and no flicker, read this

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Recently we worked on a project requiring dimmable LED light.  Not only did the lights need to be dimmable, but the project also had the following requirements: the bulbs and dimmer must be silent, there must be no visible flicker, and electromagnetic interference must be kept to an absolute minimum.  We tested nine bulbs from five manufacturers, on both leading and trailing edge dimmers, and the combination of Philips' 9.5W Warm Glow LED with a Leviton 6615 (trailing edge) dimmer was THE ONLY combination that satisfied all the requirements.

Light quality: Very good.  We could not tell the difference between this and an incandescent bulb.

Light quality when dimmed: Excellent.  The bulb dimmed very smoothly with no flicker using both our leading and trailing edge dimmers.  Not only that, its colour temperature changed slightly just as incandescent bulbs do.

Buzz/hum: None detectable.

Buzz/hum when dimmed, Lutron MACL-153M (leading edge) dimmer: Barely perceptible.  It is unlikely you would hear the buzz in a quiet room.

Buzz/hum when dimmed, Leviton 6615 (trailing edge) dimmer: Completely silent.

RF interference: It was difficult to detect electromagnetic interference, even with a meter.

Price: $11.98 at Home Depot Canada.

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