Review: 2015 Philips 60W Replacement LED

On a recent trip to the United States, we made a special trip to Home Depot to pick up some of Philips' new 60W Replacement LED bulbs.  These bulbs don't have a special brand name like the SlimStyle does, and Philips has several 60W Replacement LEDs.  The ones we bought were the ones just released this spring, at the time on sale (USA only) for an astonishing $4.97 for a pack of two.

This bulb is incredibly affordable.  We've calculated that at its current sale price and with our use, we'll only need to use it for five weeks before it becomes cheaper than an incandescent bulb.  While we've no complaints about new technology being affordable, we hope that Philips will maintain its reputation for quality, and that cheap bulbs that last for a decade or more will be profitable.

Here's our review of the 2015 Philips 60W Replacement LED.

Light quality: Good.  We could tell the difference between this and an incandescent bulb, however, the light produced by this bulb was still pleasing.

Light quality when dimmed: Not supported.

Buzz/hum: Barely perceptible.  It is unlikely you would hear the buzz in a quiet room.

Buzz/hum when dimmed: Not supported.

RF interference: No problems detected with equipment on frequencies from 500 Mhz - 2.4Ghz.

Price: $9.97 for a pack of two at Home Depot in Canada.  Note: The per-bulb cost in some bulk packs of this product is higher than small packs.  Shop carefully.

Other notes:
- The bulb's low cost comes from its estimated 10,950 hour life and lack of support for dimmers.
- The bulbs are manufactured in China.

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