DIY: OEM Cruise Control on a 2006-2010 Toyota Yaris for $40 shipped!

August 2nd, 2012

We're not even kidding.

We wanted to have cruise control installed on a 2010 Toyota Yaris.  We were dismayed when a dealer quoted $500 for an aftermarket system, even more dismayed when we read bad reviews about Rostra products, and finally, even further dismayed when we discovered this Rostra recall.

Then we discovered cruise control functionality is already built into 2006 and later model Yaris that were sold in North America.  There's no need for an aftermarket kit.  All that's really necessary is simply ordering a few parts and plugging them in.  Here's a Yaris cruise control FAQ with detailed installations and photos.  To order the parts, contact CTScott.

There are a few things about the instructions we would like to elaborate on.  The stalk can be very easily scratched, so we recommend you leave the plastic coating on until the installation is complete.  If you do accidentally scratch it, a little PlastX will have the scratch buffed out in no time.  Also, when they say the Torx T30 screws are tight...they're not just joking.  Be sure to use a T30 driver that you can put a great deal of force on - a Multi Tool or an L Key won't work as you're sure to break either the tool or your skin.

Thanks to CTScott and everyone who made this excellent DIY possible!
  1. MMartinez
    October 13th, 2014 at 04:17 | #1

    I just installed my Yaris with the cruise control kit and it works perfectly.  My leg and I are very happy.  Just followed the easy instructions.  Finished in 45 minutes.  Love it.  Thanks CTScott and MicroImage.

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