Payment Processing in Canada: Beanstream vs.

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Beanstream is compatible with many Canadian merchant accounts or will provide you with a blended-rate merchant account with no contract and no works only with Global Payments in Canada (high but negotiable setup fees / 3 year contract / $500 early termination fee / difficult to reach your account manager) and cannot provide you with a Canadian merchant account.  (Edit: Now compatible with Global Payments, Chase Paymentech, Elavon, and First Data.)
Beanstream provides Pre-Authorized Debit and Direct Depost for Canadian and US bank's product supports debit from US bank accounts only.
Basic fraud detection tools are free.Basic tools free, Advanced Fraud Detection Suite available at a cost. (Edit: Now free.)
Phone and email support available.Phone, email, and live chat support available.
Cutoff time is midnight Eastern.Cutoff time is configurable.
Beanstream's user interface is extremely fast.The speed of's user interface is satisfactory.
API very clearly documented and easy to use.API complex, but functional.
First level sales rep didn't understand complicated questions, but escalated to someone who did.Sales rep underquoted our fees, then refused to provide us with the quoted rate.  Later discovered resellers that offered better rates.

Both Beanstream and support payment profiles (new to Beanstream), batch processing, recurring billing, and virtual terminal; they have good reporting, and a powerful API.  Their fees are similar.  Our sales rep underquoted our fees, in writing, by $20/month, but refused to actually provide us with the quoted fees after we'd signed a 3-year contract with Global Payments.  Near the end of our contract, we discovered we could have obtained better rates from an reseller than by dealing with directly.  Our experience caused us to investigate Beanstream as soon as they released their payment profiles feature.

Beanstream and both offer a product that will satisfy any eCommerce merchant's needs, but we prefer Beanstream for its better support of Canadian merchant accounts, its PAD/Direct Deposit product, its clear pricing, and its superior customer service.
  1. taylor
    June 21st, 2016 at 10:42 | #1

    This information about is completely false. works with Global. Chase Paymentech, Elavon, and First Data in Canada. We also have 3 merchant providers that can setup merchant accounts for Canada. you can also Cancel your account at anytime. Fraud Detection tools, Customer Information Manager, and Automated Recurring billing are all available at no cost. Can someone please update this to not reflect invalid information regarding authorize.nets Canadian business? i am a the sales rep here for all of the Canadian Business and this looks very bad.

  2. June 21st, 2016 at 13:10 | #2

    If this "looks very bad", then I have accurately described my opinion of  Your sales rep (Laurie Ba----d) was either negligent or dishonest (I suspect the former) in not fully disclosing fees.  Even though she was aware I was interested in CIM (she sent me the implementation guide), she did not tell me there was a fee associated with it.  I didn't find out until after I signed a 3-year contract with Global, which carried a $500 termination fee.  To add insult to injury, I later discovered resellers offering CIM for less than I was paying by going directly to

    $20/month is not much in the grand scheme of things, but you have competition with better fees, and honest sales representatives.  I left for said competition.

    If CIM, Fraud Detection, and ARB are now free, that must be a change since I closed my account in 2013.  That's great, but it doesn't help me now since I am no longer a customer.

    I continue to use and recommend your competitors for their superior customer service.  My opinion is unlikely to change, since I expect never to use again.

  3. John
    April 29th, 2018 at 03:30 | #3

    Could Taylor not make the effort to comment with proper grammar? That, in itself, is very off putting. It's like reading one of Donald Trump's tweets.

  4. April 30th, 2018 at 09:23 | #4


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