Computer case fan testing

February 10th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Mango's case has terrible ventilation at the front and as you will see, an intake fan doesn't really do much.  We tried every configuration to find out what the best possible cooling would be under these circumstances.  Mango doesn't own a hard drive, so perhaps the temperatures are a little cooler than they otherwise would be.

These measurements were taken at stock speeds with stock CPU cooling.  The case fans are Zalman ZM-F1 Plus 80MM, which come with a noiseless adapter that lowers the speed of the fan by about 1000 RPM.  We eventually settled on a single rear fan with noiseless adapter.

both fans: 24.5ºC
rear fan: 24.5ºC
front fan: 25ºC
front fan, with noiseless adapter: 25.5ºC
rear fan, with noiseless adapter: 25.5ºC
no case fan: 25.5ºC

both fans: 64ºC
rear fan: 65.5
front fan: 71.5ºC
front fan, with noiseless adapter: 71.5ºC
rear fan, with noiseless adapter: 68ºC
rear fan, noiseless, 3.5 bay open in front for more airflow: 67ºC
no case fan: 71.5ºC

Ambient temp: 17ºC

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