Video Editing Software for Windows: Sony vs. Adobe

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These opinions were formed based on recent use of Sony Vegas Pro 10 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 on a computer running Windows 7 with a quad core Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @ 3.4 Ghz and 8GB of RAM.

Spoiler alert: Sony Vegas Pro wins!

Vegas memory consumption is better.  At this moment we have both Vegas and Premiere running, both with a similar project loaded, and both sitting idle.  Vegas is consuming less than 200MB of RAM; Premiere over 850MB.

Vegas doesn't have to render previews as Premiere sometimes does.  It's frustrating to make the smallest of edits and then have to re-render a preview to view your work.  This machine has a 2600K; it can handle rendering on-the-fly.

Vegas renders our finished product significantly faster.  Premiere took 9.5 hours to render 1.5 hours of 720p video; Vegas took 11 minutes to render a similarly complex project of the same length using the same source footage and same output file format.

Premiere crashes randomly and has odd quirks that occasionally require Googling for workarounds.  Vegas lets us get to work editing with a minimum amount of fuss.  This is our opinion based on use of Premiere Pro since version 1.5 on multiple operating system/hardware combinations.

Sony DVD Architect Pro's user interface feels rudimentary compared to Adobe Encore.  However, DVD Architect Pro works properly and is not ulcer-inducing as Encore is.

We like Premiere's user interface slightly better though that could be simply because we're used to it and haven't yet had as much experience with Vegas.  One notable difference is that Vegas does not permit you to create multiple timelines in a single project.  However, you can place Vegas files inside other Vegas files.  That said, we find Vegas more efficient for creating dissolves between clips.

Conclusion: if Premiere Pro was built to the same high calibre as Adobe's industry-standard Photoshop, we'd use it.  As it is, we use Vegas in order to maintain our sanity.  We understand that Vegas Pro 11 was released about three months ago and look forward to trying it.

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