Offset printing: Good, Fast, and Cheap.  Pick any 3.

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When something is this good, we feel it is our duty to let everyone know about it...and for us, "everyone" is the readers of this blog.

We're referring to Juke Box Print Shop, which in our opinion qualifies as the coveted trifecta in any industry: good, fast, AND cheap!  How they do this, we're not sure, but we like it.  Here's our Juke Box Print Shop Review:

The finished product looks amazing.  Seriously.  They output 420 line screen which is an amazing improvement over the ~200 line screen we're used to.  The end result looks so good, it's barely distinguishable from photographic printing.

Their trimming is exceptionally accurate.  In our opinion, great printing is wasted if trimming is sloppy.  Fortunately, Juke Box aims to please.  Mango inspected every single postcard in a recent order and was delighted to find each card looked as pretty as you please.  (Yes, Mango has OCD.  Why do you ask?)

All of our orders have arrived in a timely fashion.  Some were completed a few days before the estimate; some up to three days after.  They stress that their time estimate is in fact an estimate but in our experience it is an accurate average of the product's completion date.  From file submission to receiving the box from FedEx is about two weeks.  We could pick the product up, but shipping is inexpensive enough that it's cheaper to have it delivered.

We've saved perhaps the most important point for last.  Juke Box's website rocks.  It allows you to control absolutely every aspect of your project by yourself.  You can tinker with paper stock, coating, quantities, and anything else you may require, to your heart's content.  The quote even updates in real time - there's no more waiting a day or two for a reply from a sales rep.  File submission and proofing is also all done online.

If you're Canadian and you do any full-colour offset printing, we highly recommend you consider Juke Box Print Shop for your next project.  We rate them five out of five stars.

As per usual, we do not participate in Juke Box's referral program and endorse them even without commissions.

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