How to Solve Two Four Encore CS3 Quirks

Recently we were attempting to build a DVD with Adobe Encore CS3.  Due to Encore's oddities, it took two days to figure out how to do it.  We look forward to the day when Adobe's video editing software will reach the same caliber as its industry standard Photoshop.  Perhaps at this point mentioning "I use Premiere" at a professionals' meeting won't be met with stifled giggling.

Until then, here's how we solved two most notable quirks.  The first was an error message that occurred upon build that went along the lines of: PGC "xxxx" has an error at xx:xx:xx:xy internal software error : %0, line xxxx - PGCINFO: name= xxxx, ref=BPGC, time=xx:xx:xx:xy

This error referenced a point on the timeline approximately one second from the end of the clip.  The last second wasn't significant so we simply trimmed the last second from the clip.  The error then referenced a point on the timeline TWO seconds from the end of the clip.  This was frustrating.

Google produced a great deal of posts from all kinds of forums with people having this issue.  At least we weren't alone.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be many causes of the error, and equally as many solutions.  And there were some people who couldn't reproduce the error if they tried.  The cause of the problem for us was that Encore was not able to build a DVD with files it had transcoded.  (!?) We solved this by using SUPER and MEncoder with the following settings: mpg / MPEG-II / AC3 / 720x480 / 16:9 / 29.97 / 7776kbps / 48000 / 2 / 192kbps.

This created another problem.  The error was: The aspect ratio of this file is not supported by DVD. As it turned out, we could use the Interpret Footage feature to select any aspect ratio except 16:9.  Cleverly, we configured SUPER to encode the footage as 4:3 instead.  Only then did Encore allow us to interpret the footage as 16:9.

We file these solutions under the category "simple but strange".

We edit this post to add two more quirks.

We finally got our DVD to build.  But then, we discovered that the timelines were all in the wrong order.  The Adobe Forums tell us that timelines are written to the disc in the order in which they were created.  And, there is no way to change that.  You had better create the timelines in the proper order the first time, because if you don't, you're going to be deleting and rebuilding them.

Okay.  Idiotic, but we can do that.

But wait!  You can't copy and paste assets into the new timelines!  All Adobe has to say is "This behaviour differs from Encore 2.0."  Fortunately, we discovered that you can copy and paste entire timelines so that after that, all we needed to do was reconfigure our buttons.  However on the third day of what should have been a 20 minute project, Mango feels compelled to add the following:



We note that Adobe is not helping Mango's resolution to quit swearing.

  1. March 18th, 2010 at 12:13 | #1

    I know its been a while since this post...
    but I just had his problem and solved it 15 hours later after trials an error.
    So my post might come in handy for people like me who run into the problem late, and have similar causes like I found out I had (since, from reading different forums, it seems different things cause this error).
    Anyway, I found out the background video of both my menus had to be the same original resolution. I was using dynamic linked AE comps for the bg videos. One was 1440x1080 and the other was 720x480. Oddly enough though, the error reported on the 720x480 one...which is why I thought it was the problem the whole time; not knowing its either of them. NOTE: the 1440x1080 video was for the First Play i guess after it is set in place first, the system gets confused on the 2nd menu.
    Also, the menus had slightly different dimensions. 720x540 for the 1440x1080 video and 720x480 for the 720x480 video. They match their respective ratios, and so the menu themselves wasn't the issue.
    I've done the different dimensions before with no problem...ONLY

    ps. I must've seen your post on a public forum since this post sounds really familiar

  2. Caleb
    May 21st, 2014 at 19:29 | #2

    Hi Friends,

    I had this same problem followed by the same righteous anger. I sized down my Photoshop menu's to a uniform 720x480, but that didn't give me the fix I needed. I found the issue was with my timeline, the error warned me it was the timeline to (it has my timeline name listed, so the menus are likely irrelevant).  In regards to another problem of Encore and the audio being out sync, I put my video into the timeline after a second of nothing. So if the timeline was played straight through, it would play black before coming to my video. Putting a chapter mark on the beginning of my actual video and linking my "play" button to that chapter fixed my out of sync audio. However, this video not completely at the start of my timeline was causing my burn to fail. After I pushed the video all the way over, the burn went fine.

    Hope that helps.

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