WMP11 Installation Fix

I was helping a bloke set up his network. He had a Linksys WMP11 wireless network card.  There is a bug in some versions of the installer for the WMP11 that sets a registry value incorrectly. The registry value has the path to a particular file, only it's set to the install path. Result: When the driver CD is in the CD-ROM drive, the wireless card works. Eject, and it quits working. A quick solution is to copy the install files to the hard drive and do the install from there, but uninstalling doesn't remove registry settings, so that won't work unless you're installing the card for the first time.

The short version is, the last time I'd seen this was at least a year ago and had no clue what in the registry I had to fix. I couldn't find the original forum where I'd found the answer either.

For those of you who aren't interested in the story, are continually seeing the dreaded "WMP11 is not installed", and are not able to use your network, here's the solution: The registry key set by the installer reads as follows:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PCANDIS5\ImagePath: \??\D:\AutoRun\PCANDIS5.SYS

Just replace D:\AutoRun with C:\Windows\System32, reboot, and you should be on your way.

But if you're a technician on site and charging by the hour, feel free to read the rest of the story, which I shall now continue.  You will remember from two paragraphs ago that we couldn't remember how to fix the problem.  We did not have the benefit of this website.  With a heavy heart and trembling hand, we did what any good technicians would do. We prayed to Jesus.

Welcome to Linksys Technical Support. My name is Jesus. How may I help you?

[Cue the two of us spraying our drinks over the monitor. I mean, how ironic?]

Mango: Hello. I am having an issue with the WMP11. When the computer boots with the driver CD in the drive, the WMP11 works. If the driver CD is not in the drive, the utility says "WMP11 is not installed" and the computer cannot connect to the network.

Mango: I fixed this issue once before by changing a setting in the registry. I can't remember where it is though - can you help?

Jesus: ok, but if this settings need something about registry then i am afraid if i can help you

Mango: [Of all the places to misplace the 't in can't] If you can help us, that would be great!

[A few general questions about operating system etc.]

Jesus: but sir, i am not yet train to do something about registry
Jesus: i dont wanna mess up the syste, here

Mango's mate: Ask for a supervisor! There's no way he'll be able to fix this.
Mango: Hang on a bit - I want to post some of this on my website.

Mango: That's okay. If you have another solution, that would be fine.
Jesus: ok, have you try uninstalling and reisntalling the software and the adapter
Mango: Yes, a couple of times, with the CD version of the driver and the latest version from linksys.com
Jesus: and still sam problem

[Nah - we're here because we wanted to let you know that it was working now. YES, STILL SAM PROBLEM!]

Jesus: but the linksys software was there
Jesus: you can open it

[We still don't have a clue what he meant here.]

Mango: Sorry?
Jesus: ok, have you install the linksys software or utility succesfully
Mango: Yes, everything works if the CD is in the drive
Mango: If the computer boots with the installation CD out of the drive, it does not work
Jesus: you mean its like the cd needs to be in the drive all the time

[Elementary, my dear Watson!]

Jesus: that is something different, and i think its a windows error now
Jesus: have you cal microsof about this
Mango: Is there anyone there who might have seen this problem before?
Mango: I doubt Microsoft would know how to configure Linksys products.

[Normally, with a problem like this, I would agree that it's something strange and potentially outside Linksys' scope. I might even consider cal micosof. Except this time I KNOW it's a problem with their installer.]

Jesus: not really with our product but the thing happen is not usual
Jesus: the system can work on the linksys if the cd was there
Jesus: perhaps your OS need to be reinstall or updated

[At this point, Google located the forum I had found the solution on previously.]

Mango: We found it!!!  [Mango explains a bit about PCANDIS5.SYS]

What do you think the odds are of Jesus reading that? Retaining it? Passing it on to a supervisor? Linksys boasts some of the most clueless technicians I've ever worked with.  Today, however, I am optimistic. There is a chance that for once some information I pass on to a technician might not be pushed aside and forgotten.  Because, of course...



(Wait for it)



Jesus saves.
  1. Jacob
    May 6th, 2006 at 16:07 | #1

    Ok Mango, that was pretty good, but the ending was quite a groaner. 😉

  2. Josh
    March 11th, 2011 at 13:04 | #2

    Thanks guys, but it didn't help. There wouldn't be anyone over there named Buddha is there? I always have better luck with him. Thanks anyway.

  3. April 1st, 2011 at 07:56 | #3

    No, but I heard he got a job with D-Link 🙂

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